Safeguarding and Pupil Health and Welfare

Mental Health

Mrs Nicola Watson is the school’s Mental Health Lead.

SEMH Intent Statement

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Policy

SMSC Policy

Pastoral Care

Class teachers and Teaching Assistants see to the pastoral care of children, under the supervision of the Headteacher. Other staff usually refer concerns / problems to Class Teachers. If we feel a child may require medical attention, through illness or accident, which is beyond our remit, we use your emergency contact list. In emergencies we will contact via telephone, however for general reminders or messages, we use a system of Text-Contacting for parents – using mobile telephone numbers supplied by parents.

It is vital that you keep us informed of changes of contact telephone numbers and addresses.

If we were unable to contact you in an emergency situation, we would contact your G.P. for advice then take appropriate action. A trained First Aider is on duty at all times, including times when children are on visits.



Staff are required to report any suspicion of child abuse to the Headteacher, Nicola Watson who is the Designated Safeguarding Lead  (DSL) and in her absence go to Kirsty Armstrong or Louise Chapman who are aslo Designated Safeguarding leads. The DSL is legally obliged to determine what action to take. Statements are taken from staff and the Local Authority Child Protection Team may be contacted. Parents are encouraged to advise staff when accidents out of school have occurred. The Headteacher will work with children and parents when pastoral problems arise. Other agencies can be consulted if parents so wish. Our aim is always to nurture and protect your children.


Policy on Medication in School

The responsibility for administering drugs in school lies with parents. Children on regular medication should self-administer drugs. (Routines to be agreed for each child)

‘Over the counter’ medications e.g. Calpol, Lockets etc are not allowed in school. Prescribed drugs, which may be administered by designated staff, must be clearly marked with name, dosage and date. Parents must complete the appropriate form before leaving medication. The school is sympathetic to individual needs and may, following appropriate consultation, devise protocols for individual children. In such circumstances, individual contracts must be signed by all involved adults.