Grow your own potatoes!

Year 1 have enjoyed taking part in the ’Grow your own potatoes’ project. First, we had to chit the seed potatoes which involved leaving them on a sunny windowsill for 2 weeks. Then, we planted them and left them to grow for 12 weeks. Yesterday, we finally harvested...

Wonderful Word Processing!

Over the last few weeks the children in Year 2 have developed their computer skills immensely! They have created posters about their visit to the Life Centre by using so many different computer skills. They have typed, edited, saved and printed using Microsoft Word...

What is it like to live near the Coast?

In Geography, Year 2 have been learning about Human and Physical features near the coast. First of all, we looked at the United Kingdom and surrounding seas using an atlas. We then used google maps to look at the local coastal town of Tynemouth. As we had already...

Perfect Pizzas

As part of our Design Technology unit Year 2 have been designing and making healthy pizzas. The children tasted different breads and toppings and prepared pictograms to show the information they collected. The budding chefs then designed their own healthy pizza,...

Art and Crafts Club

This term children from years 2, 3 and 4 have loved accessing art club with Miss Goddard and Mrs Wilkinson. Over the weeks the children have taken part in different activities which practiced our colour mixing, cutting, drawing and turn taking skills. We created salt...

Nursery Sports Day

Wow Nursery had so much fun at their stay and play sports day! We complete a variety of activities which helped us to practice our throwing, balancing and jumping skills. We especially loved the egg and spoon race and the wellie throwing station. Nursery were super...

Sports Day 2024

A big well done to the children for participating in their Sports Day today and a huge thank you to all the parents who came along to support and cheer the children on. The children in Years 1, 2 and 3 were very enthusiastic this morning and showed good sportsmanship...

Reception’s Sports Day.

Reception had the best afternoon on Thursday, when they completed their sports day for all their grown ups. We practised our races for a couple of weeks before the event, to make sure we were amazing. We were put in red, yellow, green and blue teams and completed a...


On behalf of all the staff, the children and Governors, I would like to warmly welcome you to Barley Mow Primary School. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful school building, which is fully accessible to all.

At Barley Mow we aim to create a happy, caring and supportive ethos in which every child is valued and given the opportunity to realise their full potential. We have high academic, social, sporting, cultural and behavioural standards and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our children.

Children are at the centre of everything we do. We aim to foster a love of learning which we hope will stay with them throughout their lives.

The family community of Barley Mow is central to our beliefs. Families and the wider community play a vital role as co-educators and we encourage close links between home and school.

I hope that through our school website, you will be able to gain an insight into our school. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange a visit or gain further information.

Nicola Watson (Head Teacher)


  • Nursery 1 96.36% 96.36%
  • Nursery 2 91.67% 91.67%
  • Reception 88.33% 88.33%
  • Year 1 96.11% 96.11%
  • Year 2 96.19% 96.19%
  • Year 3 95.24% 95.24%
  • Year 4 92.22% 92.22%
  • Year 5 86.90% 86.90%
  • Year 6 93.89% 93.89%


Stories of Christianity

Stories of Christianity

In our RE lessons we have been exploring stories from the Bible. This week we have been learning about the parables of Jesus. We learned that parables are stories that have a moral or spiritual lesson and Jesus told these stories to teach people how to live their...

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Creating Calligrams

Creating Calligrams

In our English lessons we have been learning that calligrams are words or poems, where the design or layout of the text, creates an image that tells us about the meaning of the word or words used. We started by creating calligram words. We then went on to write our...

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Measuring Angles

Measuring Angles

In year 5 we have been learning about angles. We have learned that an angle is a measurement of the amount of turn between two lines and that we measure angles using degrees. We have learned to recognise acute, right-angle, obtuse and reflex angles. We have been...

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