In Nursery we have currently been learning about ‘holidays, beaches and parks’. To start off this unit we all brought in pictures from our adventures to these places. We loved sharing news in circle time with our friends about what we had been doing with our families. One common thing we all loved doing was eating ice creams and ice lollies when at a beach, park or on holiday. This inspired us to make our own! We worked together to cut and prepare the fruit and put it in the blender. We discussed how the fruit went from chunky to smooth. We loved pouring the mixture into ice cube moulds, adding our lolly sticks and put them in the freezer. Nursery were very patient waiting for the lollies to freeze. We then discuss how the lollies went from a liquid to a solid. We then enjoyed our lollies outside,Nursery all said the lollies were delicious! We have been listening to stories such as What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday, Shark in the Park and Sharing a Shell. We loved taking part in repeated phrases and joining in with actions when reading these stories. Nursery discussed different clothes which you might wear and how to keep safe in the sun.