Year 6

Mrs Raine

Welcome to Year 6


Graffiti Style

In our mini topic leading up to Christmas, we learned how to create wicked style graffiti and held a debate about whether graffiti should become legal.  Using our new talents, we made a calendar in graffiti style.  At the top of the calendar we wrote our family name;...

Cracker Conjunctions

Today we had a real surprise in our English lesson when Mrs Oram told us to start by pulling the crackers on our table. Inside she had hidden sentences and conjunctions which didn't go together. Working as a team we had to match up the conjunctions to the correct...

Punctuation Fun

In our bid to improve our understanding of speech punctuation, we played a game against one another where we had to roll a punctuation dice and collect the punctuation marks to complete our sentence.  Remembering the comma to lead into the speech seems to catch us out...

Year 6 The Victorians

In Year 6 we have been learning all about the Victorians. We have used the internet to research the Victorian Times and we have made a Victorian puppet.

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