Year 5

Miss Love / Mrs Beattie

Welcome to Year 5


No Pen Day!

Year 5 began No Pen Day with using drama and freeze framing in English to explore the feelings of a Tudor servant girl to help with our diary writing. We then used our addition and subtraction mental skills, which we have been practising in Maths, to solve a variety...

National Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day, Year 5 wrote haikus. A haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. We also had a great time performing one of our favourite poems ‘Talking Turkeys’ by Benjamin Zephaniah. [gallery...

NUFC Coaching

We have been practising and learning new skills in PE with our coach from Newcastle United Football Club. We began by doing a variety of activities to improve our catchin g, throwing and teamwork skills.

Year 5 English

We have been learning how imagery can improve our writing and make our description more precise and vivid. We have used metaphors, similes and personification in poems to describe the weather.


As part of our topic, we had a visit from a Tudor merchant’s wife. She told us lots about life during the Tudor Times and brought in a variety of secondary sources for us to look at. We had a great time dressing up in the Tudor clothes! [gallery...

Lego Science Workshop

Taking part in a science workshop was fascinating and really challenging. We had to work in teams to create a robot to tow a baby elephant. We had to consider the size and whether it would balance. Lego technics were used and the build was a real challenge! [gallery...

Magical Reporting

As part of our Harry Potter Day, Year 5 were asked by Rita Skeeter to write a report about Voldemort's apparent demise. To help us prepare, we researched the event using extracts from the book and film. On Wednesday, we used freeze frames with Mrs Beattie to explore...

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