Year 1

Mrs Oram

Welcome to Year 1


Be Bright be Seen

Today Marcus came into school to talk to everyone about staying safe now that the dark nights are back. Year 1 took part in a workshop to help us learn different ways we can stay safe if we are outside when its dark. The children thought that wearing reflective...

Our Sense of Touch

We explored our sense of touch this week. There were different objects hidden under the blanket, we used our hands and then our feet to try to work out what the items were. Our sense of touch was definitely better using our hands. [gallery...

Year 1 PE

Our coach from Newcastle United Foundation has been teaching us how to throw underarm. We used quoits and balls to aim at the target. To make it even harder we had to take a step back. Next week we'll learn how to catch.

Representing Numbers

Last week Year 1 had a great time exploring the different ways we can represent numbers. We found that we could draw spots, write the numeral, write the word and count out objects.

Capital Letter Splat

In English, Year 1 have been learning their capital letters. We are really good with letter sounds so now we are moving onto the letter names. We played Splat to see who could match the sounds with their capital name. Mrs Oram and Mrs Mounsey were very impressed with...

This is Me!

The children in Year 1 have been busy bees since coming back to school. In Art we painted a picture of our bodies. We thought about our facial features, what colour hair we have and what we were wearing. Once we had finished our masterpieces we labelled the parts of...

Equal Groups

In Maths we have been learning  how to share out amounts into equal groups. We were doing really well until Mrs Oram gave us a problem where there was a bear left over. It took a lot of thinking to work out what to do with the spare bear, but Mrs Oram can't catch us...

Physical or Human Features

In Geography we have learned to identify physical or human features. It was quite tricky at first but now we can sort the cards according to what type of feature we can see. Some children even had a print out of a map of the United Kingdom and they used that to...

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