Ofsted Inspection


Our school was last inspected in September 2018.

Ofsted assessed us as a GOOD SCHOOL.

All pupils throughout the school, including the children in Early Years, enjoy their learning and behave exceptionally well.  Pupils are confident and independent learners.  They listen carefully to each other and adults.

Pupils engage well with their learning and work hard. This is because teachers plan work that matches pupils’ needs and interests well.

Pupils said one of the best things about the school is the staff and that they enjoy the range of subjects they study.

Pupils have a good awareness of internet safety and know it is important not to speak to people they don’t know online.

The school and the governing body afford a high priority to keeping pupils safe and there is a strong culture of safeguarding across the school.

Staff have created a vibrant learning environment that supports and engages pupils interests.

Excellent relationships were evident and pupils listened carefully to each other and their teacher.

Parents are positive and proud of their children’s school. Parents state it is a warm, friendly, welcoming environment.

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