On Wednesday Year 4 had a jammed packed day learning about the past. In fact it was ‘pharaoh’ to say it was an absolutely amazing day!

Richard ‘That History Bloke’ came to teach us all about Ancient Egypt. Firstly, we learnt about a pharaoh and how their job was to build a great Egypt. He showed us a pharaoh’s costume and explained what each piece of clothing symbolised. Next, we became embalmers and helped Richard to prepare a body so it could be mummified. After that,  we looked at a range of old artefacts and he explained how they were used during Egyptian times. It was fascinating to learn how some of these objects are still used today. We then designed a cartouche pattern using hieroglyphics. It was tricky writing like an Egyptian but great fun!

Thank you Richard for a fun filled day of learning – it’s certainly one we will remember!

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