Our topic this term has been Animals and we have learned so much about them.  In Science we have learned about special body parts which certain animals have and why they have them. Elephants have trunks to suck up water and camels have humps on their backs to store water.

We also learned about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, then sorted animal pictures according to what type of food they ate.  We remember plant eaters are called herbivores because herbs are plants. Carnivores just eat meat but omnivores eat both. Can you think of an omnivore that is often kept as a pet?

We even had a bear’s den for our role play area when we were using Paddington Bear stories in English. We had to imagine what it was like to wake from hibernation and how to hunt for food. We also decided one week that there would be an earthquake and we would have to try to get our bear family to safety.


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