On Thursday, Izzy from Newcastle University came to teach us all about the adaptation and evolution of animals.

We discussed how animals adapt to become better suited to their environment then we designed a new type of bird for various habitats such as: the rainforest, the Arctic, the coast, a river and a wild meadow. Our sketches included the reasons we gave the bird certain features to survive in their environment.

We then looked at the many ways humans are harming species including: climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and hunting and the impact it’s having on the wildlife. We gave reasons why our recently designed birds would struggle to survive in their new habitat and then began to adapt our bird to deal with the environmental changes.

After Izzy had left, we discussed some of the things we could do to help prevent pollution. We agreed that we should re-use and re-fill plastic water bottles, say no to plastic straws and recycle. We are hopeful our small changes will add up and help protect our planet.


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