Year 5 were asked to work with English Heritage and Newcastle University to produce an A-Z book of the heritage of Birtley and the local area.  To begin the project, the children were given a homework task of asking family and friends about the heritage of our area. We were then visited by a local historian who brought in lots of photographs and told us lots about the heritage of our local area. We found out all about the Birtley Belgians, local sports heroes and the history of many buildings. The children were then given their own letter and asked to research in more detail an area of our local heritage. A lot of time was then spent  on designing  and making their own page for the book. When it was finished, it was sent off to Newcastle University and professionally printed. The book is fantastic. It is full of interesting facts and beautiful illustrations highlighting the fascinating heritage of Birltey and the local area.  The children really enjoyed this project and we are very proud of their work. Well done Year 5!

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