In our Computing lesson, we found out how computers work behind the scenes at a supermarket to make sure that the shelves are re-stocked.  The children all took different roles in our little role play to find out how the computers do this. Some children were the shoppers who picked up the beans from the shelf and paid for them at the check out. Some children worked on the till to serve the customers and when they scanned the tin of beans, a message was sent by the computer to the database to tell it that a tin of beans had been sold. Some of the children were in the database and when they received this message they took a tin of beans off their database. When all the tins of beans had been sold, the database sent a message to the warehouse to send more beans to the shop. Our warehouse workers wearing their high-vis vests, then took more beans to the shop. We had great fun acting this out and we learned lots about how computers help us in real life.

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