On Monday in our science lesson Year 2 had lots of fun making toast ghosts.

We carried out an experiment to see if or how a material would change when it was heated.

Firstly we gathered together the equipment we would need, this included: bread, a toaster, cream cheese, raisins, a knife and a paper towel.

All of the children were given a piece of bread, we looked closely at it and carefully touched it to see how it felt, we drew a picture of what the bread looked like.

Next we predicted what would happen to the bread after it had been put in the toaster, most of us thought that it would change colour and that it would go crispy. After the bread had been heated we looked at how it had changed and recorded the results.

We used a knife to cut out a ghost shape before spreading cream cheese over the top of the shape to make it white, we then used raisins to give our ghosts eyes and a mouth.


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