Year 6 have been working hard to improve their vocabulary choices when writing descriptions. Next week we are going to be writing about Jim’s first meal in The Workhouse (a character from the book Street Child). In order to do this, we imagined we were orphans in The Barley Mow Workhouse and tasted some of the foods that the inmates in The Workhouse would eat. We felt the texture of the food and smelt it too! Once we had said grace, our cruel workhouse mistress Mrs Watson served us our food! First, we tried ‘gruel’ which we described to our partners and then improved our word choices through discussion and using thesauruses.  After that, we tried cold rice pudding and again worked hard to improve our vocabulary choices when describing. We had to think carefully about whether our word choices were appropriate. Mrs Raine made note of any fabulous vocabulary choices we used to include in our writing next week.


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