As part of health week Year 2 have been learning about how germs spread and why it is so important to wash your hands.

With the help of some green glitter (germs) we carried out an experiment to see how we spread germs.

We started off with a group of children putting their hands in the glitter, these children then shook hands with the children sitting next to them, we continued this around the circle until we all had ‘germs’ on our hands. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to spread germs to one another.

In order to keep ourselves healthy we then thought about how we wash our hands. We split into 4 groups and experimented how best to try and get the germs off our hands.

Group 1 rubbed their hands together to try and get rid of the germs, we found that this really didn’t work.

Group 2 used a paper towel to wipe their hands, again this didn’t work well.

Group 3 washed their hands in cold water, this was more successful but we still had quite a few germs left on our hands.

Group 4 washed their hands with soap and warm water, this group had the cleanest hands after washing.

We concluded that the best way to wash your hands is with warm water and soap.

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